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Droopy upper eyelid

(ptosis repair and blepharoplasty)

When an eyelid droops and blocks a portion of your vision, it is called ptosis. Some people with ptosis may notice symptoms such as loss of the superior field of vision, headaches, and brow aches. These symptoms may seem much worse when trying to read. If the droopy eyelid is affecting your vision, repair may be covered by your insurance. During your consultation, Dr. Phillips will recommend and discuss options for repairing your droopy eyelid.

When your upper eyelid has excess skin that hangs over your lashes, it can block your superior and side vision. A medical blepharoplasty is performed to address this excess skin. Each blepharoplasty is tailored to a patient’s anatomy and goals, in order to maximize the functional benefit and cosmetic outcome of the surgery.

Eyelid malposition repair

When an eyelid sags away from the eye, this is called an ectropion. This can lead to chronic irritation or discomfort, tearing, and mattering. It may be age related, but it may also be caused by sun exposure, scarring, and trauma. Surgery is performed to restore the normal eyelid position.

An entropion occurs when an eyelid turns in, allowing the eyelashes to rub on the eye. This leads to chronic irritation, redness, tearing, and corneal scarring. Surgery is performed to restore the normal eyelid position.

Reconstruction for skin cancer

Unfortunately, skin cancer is common on the eyelids. Removal of the cancer in its entirety is of the utmost importance, followed closely by proper eyelid reconstruction to maintain proper eyelid function and protection of the eye. As an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Phillips has extensive training and experience in advanced eyelid reconstructions. Her goal in all eyelid reconstructions is to maintain function while maximizing the aesthetic outcome for each patient.

Excision of eyelid lesions

A new eyelid lump or bump can be scary for a patient. With each patient referred for an eyelid lesion, Dr. Phillips discusses possible diagnoses and treatment courses. For many, a simple office procedure is performed to remove the lesion. For others, a biopsy is performed which might reveal a skin cancer. If this occurs, Dr. Phillips will work closely with a dermatologist to clear the cancer and reconstruct the eyelid to its natural position and function.

Surgery for eyelid paralysis

An injury to your facial nerve, whether from a Bell’s palsy, trauma, or stroke, can leave you unable to close your eye. This can lead to problems ranging from dry eye to corneal scarring and lost vision. Surgery can help improve the function of both the upper and lower eyelids, allowing better closure and eye protection. Dr. Phillips can discuss all options with you during your consultation.

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